About EpicServers

EpicServers was founded in early 2007 by founder Michael Stevens after several years being un-satisfied by the Australasian/Ocianic game server market. The game server market has always been populated by ISP's and large companies alike and has never really had a company that offers gamers true quality and competitvely priced services which give the control back to the people who populate the multiplayer online community, the gamers ofcourse!. We believe EpicServers are the answer to this and here to fill the void. We're gamers so we know the market and we strive to offer the best services that are in demand for fellow gamers.

EpicServers began life as a home personal project with a couple of spare computers and has since grown beyond expectations, expanding rapidly into running and owning dedicated equipment, and networking facilities in a dedicated environment.

A couple home computers became 1 rack full of dedicated equipment, and now approximately 10 racks of dedicated servers are currently online accross Australia, serving customers with various needs, and we're not stopping there!

In 2008, EpicServers has been going through extensive upgrade periods and expansion in to many other markets by becoming providers of not only top quality game servers, but dedicated servers, web hosting and co-location services. The company expands at a healthy rate daily, and we still have exciting plans for further expansion in the future.

What makes EpicServers Stand out?

As you may or may not be aware, there are a variety of providers offering cheap game servers. While we aren't the very cheapest, our game servers come at a fair yet competitve price. We tend to believe in the saying, "You cannot put a price on quality." but we do believe in healthy competition to get the best price for the customer while maintaining the highest level of quality. EpicServers have multiple dedicated staff, located in Australia and New Zealand. While the majority of game server providers are often run by one person, strained supporting too many customers, in their spare time. EpicServers have a strong, full-time, dedicated support team. We own, operate and have 24/7 access to our own equipment. No more waiting on the middle-man!

Where EpicServers are different is that support is available during office hours, and out of office hours across multiple contact methods. EpicServers is a privately owned company with well-experienced managers with several years experience in the professional IT industry. You can be assured of a mature service at all times, while considering the mix of youth, EpicServers will always have it's finger on the pulse of the latest technologies and gaming scene.

With strong investment, carefully laid plans, where other game server providers disappear and reappear, you can be sure the EpicServers brand will be around for years to come.

If you have any specific questions regarding the company, please feel free to contact us. We'll be more than happy to answer your queries. Thank you for considering our services.

Servers & Network

Unlike in the beginning, as a bedroom-ran company, we have real, paid, full time support staff. We do not wait days on third party providers to reboot servers.

EpicServers have tested many Linux distributions and processors to find the best performance for gaming servers. After rigorous testing we have finalised our machines with the following specification. Please note, this is a typical specification, many machines differ:

» Fedora Core 9 / CentOS (Optimised to run extremely stable and support up to 1000FPS services.)
» Intel® Quad-Core Xeon X5365 3001MHz(3.0GHz) 8MB L2 Cache
» 16384MB(16GB) up to 32768(32GB) DDR2 ECC Buffered RAM
» 146GB SCSI SAS 15,000RPM Ultra High Speed HDD
» 1 Gigabit local link to the fiber network