Here at EpicServers we are proud to announce the arrival of our long anticipated new hardware. Brand new Quad Quadcore XEONs (making a total of 16 cores) and 32GB of RAM have been added to our growing hardware list.

Along with the new arrival we are proud to announce that we will be offering 25% off all game server purchases! Higher hardware specifications and cheaper pricing, what a bargain!

This offer is for a limited time only so HURRY before you miss out.

This offer has EXPIRED.

Terms and Conditions
- Discounted pricing applies for first month only.
- Discounted pricing can only be claimed with the promotional code.
- Brisbane location is limited. Sydney may be issued as a result.
- Epic Debrand is excluded from discounted pricing in this promotion.
- Promotion only covers gaming services. All other services excluded.

Epic Admin
Awesome promotion!! I hope people enjoy their new servers on these Quadx4 boxes! :):)

Epic Admin
Be sure to get this deal ASAP! Were excited about the new hardware!

~Nathan, EpicServers Service Tester
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