I would like to thank all of the EpicServers customers and clients. From Wednesday, to Friday on sales alone we managed to raise just short of $600.00AUD which will be donated accordingly.
Once again thank you to everyone who contributed!

As everyone is well aware, after a tragic weekend in Victoria caused by an inferno with hundreds left deceased, many more injured and thousands more homeless the victims are in need of urgent assistance.

EpicServers is taking the effort to donate all proceeds made on sales from Tuesday the 10th of February to Friday the 13th of February to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

Any purchase made from now to Friday on all services provided by EpicServers including gaming services, web hosting, voice services will be placed in a pool and then handed over to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.
Yeah bro u guys keep up the good work :)
Thank you for your nice words. We are trying every little bit to assist in what has been done on the weekend. I myself, know of many people who have been affected by the fires. People who have lost homes, people who have lost friends and family. Scenery in Victoria is just devastating L*
=) such a great idea. good work epicservers.net my respect for you grows even more!

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