New Features and Packages

War Server Deals, and more!
Over the past few days we have been revising our services and contemplating on what we could provide to the gaming community to assist in any way possible.

In this stage of planning a few ideas have been devised which have now been implemented into our services.

First off, I would like to announce the new release of our war server deals (packages).
These have been introduced to assist clans with the purchase of a private server and a voice service in one with discounted pricing! War server deals include;
- 12 slot Private server
- Full access to FTP and GamePanel
- Choose from either Counter-Strike: Source or Counter-Strike 1.6 [other games upon request]
- 10 slot TeamSpeak or Ventrilo server
- Clan web hosting package

CSS: $40 - CS: $35
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Continuing on, we would also like to announce the inclusion of voice servers with any other game server purchase. With the purchase of a server, you will have the option to have an additional 10 slot TeamSpeak or Ventrilo server added to your account for free! Your free voice service will remain online for the duration of your game service rental.

These are a few changes EpicServers have introduced to assist our fellow gamers in getting everything they need for a quality gaming experience.

If you have any opinions or suggestions, feel free to contact us by clicking here LINK
hello, This is about sponsoring our CC:S clan our clan is going to do cevo a next season we have website and we are good working clan. we have website: We currently in CGO and EGL ladder our clan works hard and we dominated a lot of clans in the past. If u were to sponsor us we will do wat is possible to represent use in anyway possible. Thanks

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