We're heading towards Christmas now and to celebrate the festive season we're offering a whole 50 percent off all game and voice server pruchases right till Christmas day. With our already low prices, this is an offer NOT to be missed.

This offer is for a limited time only so HURRY before you miss out.

Promotional Code: XMAS2009
Use above code when ordering to claim discount.

EpicServers wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Terms and Conditions
- Discounted pricing applies for the duration of the rental.
- Discounted pricing can only be claimed with the promotional code.
- Promotion only covers voice and gaming services. All other services excluded.

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Time for a change? We thought so.

With the introduction of our corporate body; known as EpicNet, we have decided to remodel EpicServers, working towards offering a better service to everyone. Lots of different changes have been made to reflect this -- which will be outlined below.

With rapid expansion in mind, we have put together all of our resources and got forth to upgrade all of our hardware yet again, moving up to the newer Intel XEON 5500 series range and DDR3 memory. Using machines now composing of the highest specification hardware available.

Keeping the new hardware in mind, efforts on getting a new network online were been carried out -- having dedicated data provisioned we have been able to reconstruct our whole pricing setup and still maintain a quality service.

All of our pricing has been revised, in some cases significantly cheaper then previous listings. Gaming server pricing is now starting at $2.50 per slot, and does not exceed $3.00 per slot. Voice server pricing is now at 60 cents per slot for both TeamSpeak and Ventrilo.

Along with all the above mentioned, we have also released a new gaming control panel. Though still in development, even in the current stages it boasts some of the most advanced features available in game control, with many more to come. Some of which are:
- Web based RCON console access
- Web based FTP client
- Server plugin/addon management module (With simple install/uninstall options)
- Self server update options
- Advanced service monitoring AND statistics
- Automated (scheduled) server reboot option
- Game panel user management (ability for sub users)
- FTP user management (ability for sub users)
And much more..

All of these changes have been made to lead EpicServers to providing an overall improved service, with some great results seen already. So if you are not already a customer of ours, what are you waiting for? Join now to take advantage of what we have to offer.

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Winter is coming down under - With the weather outside becoming increasingly chilly, conditions changing (Our condolences go out to those people currently effected by the floods in Queensland) - its just not too friendly. Do not worry though, EpicServers is coming to the rescue!

Here at EpicServers we want to offer you with the incentive of staying inside, keeping warm and cosy; to enjoy the world of online gaming, at its best with your friends.

For the start of Winter, we are rolling out our Winter promotion offering 40% off your initial invoice or 20% off the life of your rental. That is right, now you can enjoy your favorite games with the best of mates, kicking back to relax and frag for a fraction of the price.

EpicServers also reminds you to wrap up this winter when venturing outside and stay warm because it looks like it will be a frosty one.

This offer is for a limited time only so HURRY before you miss out.

This offer has EXPIRED.

This is just the start of some big things happening within EpicServers this Winter - Keep your eyes peeled.

Terms and Conditions
- Discounted pricing of 40% applies for first month only, 20% applies for the duration of the rental.
- Discounted pricing can only be claimed with the promotional codes.
- Epic Debrand is excluded from discounted pricing in this promotion.
- Promotion only covers gaming services. All other services excluded.

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Edward 'renstrRR' Matthews said:

EpicServers is my first experience with a Server company, they have show alot of support and I have had no problems with them. The name does definitly speak for itself. The servers are very strong with no ping to Australian Players, good tick rates and an easy Control Panel for its administrators. I would recommend you to start your team server here!