Ventrilo Outage

[Issue Resolved]
UPDATE: Ventrilo network was restored on 3rd of April. All clients will be reimbursed with a months free service. We apologise for any inconveniences caused.

All Ventrilo services are currently down due to issues with our license company in the US. After a struggle with internal connection problems, Eventually we lost total communication with the licensing server.

Efforts on resolving all issues are being made by our licensing company, however at current we are unsure of an ETA.

Ventrilo will be restored as soon as possible.

We apologise for any inconveniences which have been caused as a result.

Please note: TeamSpeak services are not affected by this.

Epic Admin
Hello, The holding company has since been restored. However they as a global supplier have hundreds of servers to restore. Our licenses have been reinstated, however it appears there has been confusion with them. So we are awaiting for this issue to be resolved before the services can be booted back up. Sorry about the delays once again.
Any update on this matter?
WOOT thanks 4 the update!

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