Sydney Wide Downtime [September 14th]

We just want to make an announcement concerning the service connection issues over the past few hours.

Firstly we want to say it was not an attack against us (as thought earlier). Connectivity issues were caused by one of the main internet providers (Pacific Internet) for EpicServers and our Sydney datacenter (GlobalSwitch). Pacific Internet were experiencing router hardware difficulties which resulted in routing issues. We were then notified that "A restart of both routers rectified the issue." All EpicServers should now be running as usual prior to the down time.

We just want to make the situation clear and avoid any hesitation one may see with our services, operations or providers (which are now back and running as normal).

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and we thank you for understanding and being patient during this period.
If you find anything out of place or that may have gone missing please contact the support and we'll help restore any issues.

Thank you.
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