Sydney Wide Downtime [September 14th]

We just want to make an announcement concerning the service connection issues over the past few hours.

Firstly we want to say it was not an attack against us (as thought earlier). Connectivity issues were caused by one of the main internet providers (Pacific Internet) for EpicServers and our Sydney datacenter (GlobalSwitch). Pacific Internet were experiencing router hardware difficulties which resulted in routing issues. We were then notified that "A restart of both routers rectified the issue." All EpicServers should now be running as usual prior to the down time.

We just want to make the situation clear and avoid any hesitation one may see with our services, operations or providers (which are now back and running as normal).

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and we thank you for understanding and being patient during this period.
If you find anything out of place or that may have gone missing please contact the support and we'll help restore any issues.

Thank you.
I listened to the Christmas Epic masesge and thought it very insightful. Many unchurched people at least sense there is some kind of hope associated with the celebration of Christmas. But I think even we Christians underestimate the significance, that as Isaiah wrote The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined Once again, a good masesge!
I'm shocked that I found this info so ealisy.
You are all right to a certain nxetet. It really depends on what level of study we are talking about. To develop small or non critical softwares or to administrate non critical networks, we don't need to be very good at these two subject to study IT. For now, these are usually needed for IT markets in Cambodia. Physics (specifically electronics) are required for computer engineers (people who design, e.g., CPU). For critical systems, like softwares to control airplane, techniques in maths are used, e.g., to prove that the softwares are correct. Even in Networks, we use techniques in maths to prove correctness of protocols. Cryptography, which also concerns maths, is used to transmit data securely on networks.But for the need of our country right now, we don't need to be very good at these two subject to be able study IT. As already mentioned in the comments, it depends on our efforts and commitments. Everybody can study IT if they really like it.
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